I get the question all the time about creating an Internet of Things (IoT) firewall using the USG. We’re going to do it two different ways. First a couple of house cleaning items! First if you or someone you know enjoys makeup tutorials my friend Brittney has her own channel and does makeup tutorials and a vlog. She’s pretty funny so if you or someone you know is into that check her out! You have spoken and the Zyxel full stack video will be coming next week! I also got a new ticwatch as a replacement for my Pebble Time Round. We’re going to shoot the Pebble and video tape it. Go over to my Instagram and Twitter accounts and vote for the caliber that we’re going to use to destroy the pebble! Ok so we are going to create the UniFi IoT network two different ways. We’re going to do a guest network and then a corporate network and adjust accordingly! Oh yeah, let’s turn the refresh button back on!

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