Are you invested in UniFi and need to extend your LAN or VLANs beyond a cable length? The UBB (UniFi Building Bridge) has you covered! This 60Ghz point to point pre-paired bridge will get you up and going quickly! I ALWAYS manually upgrade my firmware before adoption — unless the firmware is up-to-date. You can also buy yours below!

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – UniFi Building Bridge intro
00:55 – What’s in the box?
01:22 – When would you use this and what about distance/obstructions?
02:09 – Back to what’s in the box/physical mounting?
04:44 – Powering up the unit for the first time!
05:51 – What else is in the rack?
06:20 – Manually upgrading the firmware before adoption.
08:30 – UniFi 16 PoE Lite switch
09:00 – Adopting the UBB
09:57 – Physical setup
10:15 – Link up!
10:49 – UBB configuration overview
11:45 – Changing the LED color
12:55 – 60Ghz information
13:40 – See the green LEDs?
14:22 – UBB final thoughts
14:55 – Wrap up

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