I’m SUPER excited about this new PBX offering from Grandstream. It’s the UCM6300A. Ending the modem with 0A means there are 0 FXS/FXO ports and it is audio only — so not video conferences. SUPER power and SUPER affordable! Watch this video in 2x speed if you want!

The UCM6300A can handle 250 accounts and 50 simultaneous phone calls — I got ahead of myself in my excitement for getting these devices!

The UCM6300A is built on Asterisk 16


Time Stamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Grandstream UCM6300A – What the hell is it?
01:55 – What else is in the box?
02:45 – Data Sheet Bits and Bobs
04:00 – Remote Connect info
04:30 – Back to the specs
07:00 – MSRP Pricing
07:25 – Account and concurrent call clarification!
08:24 – Grandstream giving credit where credit is due
08:45 – Wrap Up

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