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Emergency Support rates are $350 / hour with a 1 hour minimum.

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Willie Howe Technology Emergency Support is performed within 24 hours (but As Soon As Possible) of payment received, and performed as available. Prior contact is REQUIRED prior to payment to ensure availability of a technician to perform the work required.

1 Hour minimum purchase for emergency support is Non-Refundable and must be purchased prior to scheduling an appointment.
Please ensure you read all Terms & Conditions at the bottom of the page before purchasing.

Any Emergency Support balance after the 1-hour minimum will be transferred to standard-support time / rates (eg. 2 hours purchased, 90 minutes used, 30 minutes unused time will be transferred to 1 hour of standard-support time available).

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Terms & Conditions

  • Hourly Rate - the hourly rate for Willie Howe Technology, LLC’s consulting is $175.00 USD per hour billed in 15 minute increments. There is a 2-hour minimum purchase for new customers which must be paid prior to scheduling an appointment. This rate applies Monday through Saturday 4:30pm until 12:30am Central time.  Any work performed hourly is billable work.  Emergency Rates and any work performed on US Holidays will be billed at $350 USD per hour with a 1-hour minimum and 15 minute increments thereafter.
  • Billable Services - Billable time starts at the beginning of a scheduled appointment. Time spent on email support, documentation, and any other deliverable support are considered billable time.
  • Expiration of Hours Purchased – Hours purchased are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. Any unused time after 1 year will be expired and no long valid for use.
  • Project-based pricing - As deemed appropriate, Willie Howe Technologies may propose project-based pricing for larger projects. During a project, if the client makes changes to configuration while it's being actively developed, and those changes lead to extra troubleshooting, rollback, or fixing before hand-off, these steps will be billed at the current hourly rate. Customers should NOT touch configuration prior to hand-off without explicit instruction from Willie Howe Technology, LLC staff.
  • Invoicing - Willie Howe Technology, LLC only invoices projects greater than $500, and invoicing is done via PayPal. Any service quoted greater than $500 will be invoiced 50% down, and 50% on completion of service. Invoices are due upon receipt, and there will be a 10% late charge for any invoices remaining unpaid after 30 days. All projects less than $500 will be considered Time & Material and are payable in advance.
  • Refunds - Willie Howe Technology, LLC will make contact to discuss work for hours purchased prior to communication. It is the purchaser's responsibility to reply and schedule the work to be performed. While hours purchased do not expire for 1 year, refunds for time purchased will not be refunded after 60 days from date of purchase. Due to the discounted rate for 10 hours purchased, used time will be calculated at the standard rate of $175 / hour, and deducted from the amount paid for the 10-hour block.
  • Fees - PayPal and Stripe Processing Fees are NON-Refundable  (PayPal currently 3.4% + $0.49 and Stripe currently 2.9% + $0.30 / transaction); if rates change, any updated fees are also deducted from refunded amounts.
  • Work Provided - Work provided may or may not be performed by Willie Howe personally. Willie has trusted subcontractors to help with specific types of work. By purchasing time, you agree to potentially work with a subcontractor of Willie Howe Technology, LLC. This will more than likely expedite the appointment availability. If a subcontractor is introduced, we will try our best to happen prior to the appointment time, but this may not be avoidable in case of an emergency.
  • Missed Appointments - In the event a scheduled appointment is missed without prior notification at least 60 minutes before the appointment time via phone call or email, 1/2 of the scheduled time (30 minute minimum) will be deducted from purchased time.
  • Travel (Local on-site work) - Until further notice, travel to on-site work will be billed one-way, with a 1 hour minimum trip bill (e.g., 30 minute travel one-way, plus 15 minutes work will be billed the minimum 1 hour; 30 minutes travel one-way, 45 minutes work will be billed at 1 hour, 15 minutes).
  • Recording - Willie Howe Technology, LLC does not allow recording of any kind (e.g. video, screen, audio) of support sessions without prior consent. Consent is in the full discretion of Willie Howe Technology, LLC.
  • Indemnification - Willie Howe Technology, LLC or anyone providing work for Willie Howe Technology, LLC can only be held liable for damages in the amount of the contracted services.
  • Payment – Remaining balance of project will be billed via PayPal at the time of completion.
  • Outstanding Balances – If there are any balances outstanding for more than 30 days, no additional work will be performed until the existing balance is made current.
  • Warranty – Due to the nature of the work that we perform, there is no warranty on hourly work. Each hour that we work is billable regardless of the outcome of said work.  While we will make recommendations on the level of effort required to implement a solution or fix an issue, it is up to you to let us know if there is a cap on the number of hours we spend per engagement.
  • Termination – Either party may terminate services at any time by notifying the other party in writing or via email. Any hours worked prior to termination are still considered billable hours.

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