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Ubiquiti Minute #1 – UniFi Video G3 Pro and Micro Cameras Available!

I get questions all the time regarding the availability of the Ubiquiti UniFi Video G3 Pro and Ubiquiti UniFi Video G3 Micro cameras! As as of the filming of this video on January 25, 2018 the Ubiquiti Store had both cameras in stock which means distributors and resellers should have them or have them soon! Get yours today! This has been the first Ubiquiti Minute! Surveillance My Amazon Link: http://ift.tt/2iikL9G Consulting Contact: http://ift.tt/2yePM8s Support Agreement: http://ift.tt/2ihne47 Support my channel and…

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EdgeSwitch 1.7.3 with UNMS Support!

Running EdgeSwitches? EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch 1.7.3 is out. UNMS support is now availabe in the EdgeSwitch! A PoE watchdog feature is now available as well as a PoE power reset and power keeper feature. A new power consumed meter will show all the consumed power on PoE ports. There are many bug fixes and enhancements in this release. Before you upgrade make sure you have a backup of your configuration and have a rollback plan in case the upgrade doesn’t go…

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Ubiquiti Disable SIP ALG (application layer gateway)

Running SIP from behind your EdgeRouter or USG? Having call quality problems or can’t initiate calls? Disable your SIP ALG (application layer gateway). The SIP ALG is supposed to help broker SIP sessions through NAT (network address translation) but usually breaks the calls instead. Here we’ll walk through how to disable the SIP ALG if you have a USG (via the UniFi software) or if you have ANY EdgeRouter from Ubiquiti Networks. Loss of audio, dropped calls, and one way…

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Ubiquiti NanoSwitch

A lot of people have been asking to see the Ubiquiti NanoSwitch. Here it is! With one 24v 2-wire passive input you can power three 24v 2-wire passive devices. In this video we’ll plug the NanoSwitch into a UniFi switch providing it with 24v of passive power. We’ll power a camera and two access points. This unit will get installed with proper grounding to the tower that I’ll be putting up soon for WISP equipment. My Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/shop/williehowe Click…

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How-to Install A CA Certificate In UniFi

I have a video that shows the process of installing a CA Certificate in UniFi but I thought this may be a good post to start our new blog with. First we’ll assume that you have a working Ubuntu or Debian based UniFi installation.  Once you have that you’ll have to generate a CSR and then paste the CSR into your favorite place to buy a certificate.  I use SSLs.com for my certificate needs. SSH into your controller and follow…

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