Before we get to the UVC G3 NVR Video I wanted to get the next video on EdgeMAX OS 1.8.5 out. This video will spend a few minutes looking at the new Wizards that come stock with the OS.

The new Wizards are:
1. VPN Status
2. DNS Host Name Configuration

We’ll walk through adding a custom DNS host name. This option modifies the hosts file on the router and I will show you that too. If it does more than that please leave a comment and let me know! I don’t have any active VPN tunnels on this device, but I will show you the VPN Wizard too.

EdgeMAX 1.8.5 is the latest general lease of the EdgeMAX OS for EdgeRouters. It brings with it new functionality and stability! Try it out!

Wizard Hat graphic provided by Iconfinder (

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