Before we get into the firewall rule videos, which will be:

1. Inbound rules;
2. Outbound rules;
3. Local rules;

I wanted to show you a Ubiquiti airMAX M900 deployment that has been working without fail (knock on wood) for a long time. You can even see moss growing on the one dish!

There is a half mile of trees and other canopy/vegetation between the main site and the remote site. We just upgraded their awesome DSL (2.0Mbps down 0.4Mbps up) to a Cradlepoint 4G router with Verizon service. We get a least 30Mbps down at the main site and you can see the speed test at the remote site. Not bad for a site that a couple of other companies failed to make work. I found the M900 after a 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz deployment (and the companies providing them) failed to bring access to this last mile location.

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. For the price of the bridge setup if it failed I could use it somewhere else. After watching two separate companies fail (and I came from the Cisco world…) I thought I would step in and take a chance with the M900. They are glad I did!

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