In this video we’ll do a very quick upgrade of UniFi 5.2.7 to UniFi 5.2.9 and talk about a very important feature that Ubiquiti has added to the controllers.

I say that firmware push happened in 5.2.7 but it could have happened earlier and I was asleep at the switch!

The UniFi Gen 1 hardware is now feature frozen! This doesn’t mean it isn’t supported, it means that it isn’t get any new features. Ubiquiti also pushed out an older firmware to address some stability issues.

Have a standard PoE switch from another vendor but want to power your passive UBNT devices? Now you can! The instant PoE adapter will take standard 802.3af PoE and knock it down to 24v passive!

Many folks have emailed me asking if they can support the channel through PayPal since my monitizing was pulled. Yes you can. There is a PayPal link on the channel art. I’m not asking for donations but if you feel compelled to send USDs to get new hardware in the videos I won’t say no!

We’re closing in on 3000 subscribers! I have two AP AC units that have failed. What do you want to see us do with them? The most recurring theme will choose the fate of the APs!

How secure are your passwords? Watch this video from Computerphile: and see!

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