Thanks Mike! Mike sent me a Synology RT2600AC. We’re going to find out how compatible this router is with the Ubiquiti Networks AP AC Pro devices. In this video we check out whether or not the device can route (inter-vlan routing) between VLANs. The router is Linux under the hood so this likely isn’t a problem for the device. That being said it isn’t exposed in the GUI right now. We head over to Synology’s forum and put this request in as a feature request. If Synology adds this to the router this thing is going to be almost unstoppable in the SoHo/SMB market. They could also scale the router software into one of their rack mount chassis and give the other enterprise players are run for their money! Come back for the next video where we’ll dig into more of the features of the router!

Synology RT2600AC:
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