Running SIP from behind your EdgeRouter or USG? Having call quality problems or can’t initiate calls? Disable your SIP ALG (application layer gateway). The SIP ALG is supposed to help broker SIP sessions through NAT (network address translation) but usually breaks the calls instead. Here we’ll walk through how to disable the SIP ALG if you have a USG (via the UniFi software) or if you have ANY EdgeRouter from Ubiquiti Networks. Loss of audio, dropped calls, and one way talk path are usually symptoms of an ALG that needs to be disabled.

Most providers have you disabled SIP ALG.

The latest version of UniFi allows you to flip a switch to turn off the SIP ALG. You can disable it via the config tree or command line for the EdgeRouter. From the command line you would type configure to go to edit mode and then issue the command: set system conntrack modules sip disable

Then commit and save your configuration.

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