Running EdgeSwitches? EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch 1.7.3 is out. UNMS support is now availabe in the EdgeSwitch! A PoE watchdog feature is now available as well as a PoE power reset and power keeper feature. A new power consumed meter will show all the consumed power on PoE ports. There are many bug fixes and enhancements in this release. Before you upgrade make sure you have a backup of your configuration and have a rollback plan in case the upgrade doesn’t go as expected! If you need Ubiquiti Networks support be sure to reach out and you can purchase your Ubiquiti gear using the affilate links below!

EdgeSwitch 16 Port 150W:
EdgeSwitch 8 Port 150W:
EdgeSwitch 24 Port 250W:
EdgeSwitch 48 Port 500W:
EdgeSwitch 24 Port Lite (No PoE):
EdgeSwitch 48 Port 750W:
EdgeSwitch 12 Port Fiber Switch (1Gb):
EdgeMAX EdgeSwitch 1.7.3:
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Consulting Contact:
Support Agreement:

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