Let’s start getting into the weeds with our TP-Link hardware. While they did send me this they don’t get any control over this content. At $59.99 at the time of filming this thing has some great features! It can be used stand alone or with the Omada controller. Let’s dive in because the amount of features this thing provides for the price is almost overwhelming! The full model is the TP-Link TL-R605

00:00 – Intro
00:15 – TP-Link Multi WAN Router Intro – TL-R605
00:31 – To the interface!
01:18 – System Status and Traffic Stats
02:00 – Network – WAN & LAN Setup
05:50 – Preferences/IP Groups/Aliases/Services Setup
06:16 – Transmission Setup/NAT/Port Forwarding/DMZ/Load Balancing/Policy Based Routing
09:12 – Firewall Setup/Access Control
10:03 – Behavior Control – Block files
10:30 – VPNs!
11:20 – Authentication
11:40 – Services/DynDNS Wish List!
12:00 – System Tools/Logs
12:55 – Final thought
13:25 – Wrap up!

TP-Link Multi WAN VPN TL-R605 Router Affiliate Link: https://amzn.to/3dJtdwi

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