Need to keep analog devices (fax, alarm, rotary phones) going and integrated into your VoIP/SIP environment? The Grandstream HT8xx series of ATAs (analog telephone adapters) is the perfect way to do it! Here I show you how I’m hooking up an original early 80’s rotary phone for my new office phone!

00:00 – Intro
00:11 – HT801 introduction
01:20 – What do you need an analog telephone adapter for?
02:00 – GS ATAs support pulse dialing
02:30 – Quick specs of the Grandstream HT801 ATA
04:05 – Powering on the Grandstream HT801 ATA
04:30 – The RED PHONE and how I wired it up!
06:15 – I did have to find the schematic for the bias spring
06:45 – Grandstream HT801 web interface and setup
08:40 – Pulse dialing setup
10:45 – High power ring
11:15 – Calling out from the RED PHONE!
11:30 – Why do I need an ATA?
12:15 – Wrap up

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