In this video we’re going to do some quick wired speed tests on our UniFi Dream Machine Base. First we’ll do a speed test from my pc to the speedtest server on the same network. Then we’ll put the UniFi Dream Machine’s WAN on the same network as the speed test server and my PC behind the UniFi Dream Machine and run the test without intrusion detection and prevention. Then we’ll flip all the intrustion prevention switches and run the tests again. My PC is the bottleneck here for sure. We’ll do a different video on wireless throughput.

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00:00 – Intro
00:11 – How we’re testing the throughput
00:45 – Methodology overview
01:25 – Test #1 – Direct from computer
02:25 – Switching to Test #2
03:00 – Test #2 – Behind UDM no IPS
04:35 – Enable threat management
05:25 – Test #3 – Behind UDM with full IPS
06:55 – Recap of test results
08:00 – Why I didn’t use an Internet speed test
08:35 – Wrap Up

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