The UniFi Dream Router is a great addition to the UniFi OS Console family. If you don’t the UDM Pro or SE but want to run Protect, Talk, or Access in an integrated platorm, this is the router for you! I was wrong, UDR 2.4.10 is the latest as of the filming of this video. Out of the box — leave yourself an hour to get this up and going. MSRP for this device is $199. The UniFi Dream Router Network Application also has a SECRET!

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00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Dream Router Intro
01:00 – Hardware over view
02:00 – Plugging the UniFi Dream Router In
03:00 – Booting
03:25 – Future plans for the UDR
04:30 – Initial setup
05:30 – Disclosure and how I feel about UniFi
06:14 – More Initial Setup
06:45 – You can skip logging into
07:10 – More Setup
07:35 – Speed Test
08:15 – Setup recap and setup finish
09:09 – LCM up close
09:25 – First local log in
10:00 – More updates!
12:30 – Remember this is an out of the box experience
12:52 – Texture notes
13:20 – UDR OS Update done
14:50 – Give yourself plenty of time
15:20 – Trying settings again
15:45 – To the portal
16:20 – What apps the UDR can run
16:40 – UniFi OS over view and hardware over view
17:45 – Updating apps
18:40 – Recap of what we’ve done so far
19:10 – Specs recap – where the UDR fits
22:00 – Set aside an hour for the setup
22:45 – The UDR’s UniFi Application SECRET!
24:00 – Quick peek at Protect
24:40 – Wrap Up

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