Synology Security Advisor is the best way to get a good baseline of security on your NAS, after all — who knows Synology NAS devices better than… Synology?!?! Security Advisor is easy to run and walks you through a great base setup for security on your Synology NAS. We’ll crank the security up a level in the next video! Thanks Synology!

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00:00 – Welcome
00:10 – What is Synology Security Advisor?
00:45 – Run Security Advisor
01:50 – Early Results
01:56 – Scan Done
02:22 – Results and remediation
04:45 – Thoughts on default ports
05:15 – Back to remediation
05:40 – Thoughts on passwords
05:53 – Back to remediation
08:05 – Security Advisor Re-scan
08:15 – This is base security
08:45 – This house is clear…
09:15 – Login Analysis?
09:55 – Scheduled Scans
10:10 – What’s coming/wrap-up

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