Almost everyone I know is looking for a VMware replacement. It’s going to be a hot topic for a while and if you saw my last video you know I’m on the hunt too. For production virtual machine usage I am looking at ProxMox and Harvester. Both products have the full suite of capabilities for running clusters of servers and will allow me to run vdisks over 2TB in size. While XCP-ng will allow me to run over 2TB in raw I lose a lot of the capabilities and advantages of using virtualization by doing so. While I’ll install and understand XCP-ng to help other who want to use it for my production use it will either be ProxMox or Harvester. I’m doing some more testing and we’ll be doing follow up videos on the winner! It’s worth noting that all three products do have commerical support available. I’ll be making this choice very, very soon!

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