The GCC6010 Series provides an extraordinary all-in-one solution that redefines the communications experience by merging your unified communications and networking solutions into one platform. These state-of-the-art devices combine the functionality of 4 products to provide an all-in-one solution that includes a VPN router, next-generation firewall, IP PBX, and network switch or Wi-Fi access point. With the GCC Series, you can create and manage wired, wireless, and VPN networks, provide enterprise-grade network security, and utilize a market-leading communication and collaboration
platform. These flexible devices provide unified management and centralized control of all Grandstream endpoint solutions, including Wi-Fi APs, network switches, IP Phones, and more. The GCC Series allows full UC, networking, and security solutions to be configured in minutes and managed through the cloud with the Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS), and can also be managed through our mobile app, local Web UI, and SSH console management. Ideal for small-to-medium sized businesses, the GCC6010 Series provides an all-in-one platform that combines all business data,
security, communication, and collaboration needs into one device – making it easier and more affordable than ever to build state-of-the-art communication solutions.

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